Storm Winds Radio
The leading Russian non-commercial Internet radio station of extreme alternative heavy licensed rock music in English language.
About our radio station

«Storm Winds» is a leading non-profit youth 24-hour Internet radio with licensed music of heavy styles and genres, broadcasting in English. The broadcast schedule mainly features hard rock bands singing in English. The broadcast goes on without ads and jingles around the clock - pure heavy music that will help everyone boil over. Our radio channel was formed in 2017 by the staff of one of the oldest Russian rock radio stations, «Angels Radio», which by the end of 2023 is the country's leading online rock radio station according to an independent audit by «reVoice». We are a bridge that allows Russian listeners to hear the best heavy music, and allows performers to bring their music to the mass Russian audience.

How do I listen to the radio?
You can listen to Internet broadcasts on this site, on stationary and mobile devices in various radio catalogs.
  • On the website in the browser
    There is a floating player at the bottom of the page on our site - You can listen to a radio station using it, opening our site on your computer, tablet, smartphone, SmartTV or any other device that has an Internet connection and any browser. It is enough to open our website by typing the website address into the address bar:
  • On a mobile device
    Our radio station is available for listening in popular mobile applications that allow you to listen to radio stations via the mobile Internet and Wi-Fi. We recommend listening to our radio station by downloading the app «Radio.Net» in the app store of your mobile device. You can use any popular radio application from the app store of your smartphone - we are in almost every one of them.
  • On the player of your device
    To listen to the radio in your local player (for example, «WinAmp», «AIMP» or any other) on your computer or other devices, open a link to the stream or a link to the playlist in the player (different players may need different ones). You can choose one of two channels, depending on your Internet receiver:

    • MP3 320 кбит/с HQ (high quality and high traffic consumption):
    Stream: ...stormwinds
    Playlist: ...stormwinds.m3u

    • AAC 64 кбит/с LOW (average quality and low traffic consumption):
    Stream: ...stormwinds_low.aac
    Playlist: ...stormwinds_low.aac.m3u
Your songs are on our air
Our radio station is available for listening in popular mobile applications and all smart devices. We are ready to provide free airtime to the highest quality compositions and payment of the due remuneration to copyright holders through Russian copyright societies. Rotation conditions: we are interested in the best music of any heavy styles in languages other than Russian; the file format is strictly .mp3, bitrate: at least 320 kb/s, frequency: 44100Hz, sound: stereo; we post all compositions for free; all rights to the compositions remain with the copyright holders (you can ask at any time to remove any of your compositions from rotation upon request and we will do this); You must own the rights to the proposed works and provide us with data on all copyright holders of each phonogram proposed for rotation so that they can receive their due remuneration for rotation through the Russian copyright societies. To include your tracks in the rotation, send the rotation permission with all the necessary data to the following email: - in your letter, you must specify for each of the compositions: information about the performer (his stage name, the year of formation of the musical project and the country/city of his regular stay), the names of the compositions, the authors of the texts, the authors of the music (composers), copyright holders of the phonogram (people or organizations who have taken the initiative to produce phonograms at their own expense). Unfortunately, due to the large number of requests, we will not be able to review, review and respond to applications that do not contain all the necessary information - such applications will be deleted without consideration. Please send emails only with fully written information - respect your time and ours so that cooperation is really convenient and fast for all of us.
Contacts and information
All musical compositions on the air are presented within the framework of licensing agreements concluded by the radio station with the All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization «Russian Authors Society» (RAO), the Russian Organization for Intellectual Property (VOIS) and other copyright holders. We advocate for copyright protection and present exclusively copyrighted licensed content in high audio quality on the air, working directly with copyright holders or their authorized representatives. If you are the current owner of the rights to the materials or his legal representative, and for any reason you think that it is necessary to stop the free and free distribution of your materials, please immediately inform us about this by e-mail to send a pre-trial claim for copyright and related rights violations: - we will definitely support you and We will remove your materials from the air as soon as possible.

For any questions, please contact:
+7 (499) 404-14-84
We are at

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